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  • CAS Training Schedule

    Lisa King, M.Ed., Jane Thierfeld Brown, Ed.D and Dr. Lorraine Wolf, Ph.D. make regular appearances at conferences and for training sessions throughout the country on an individual and team basis. For specifics about any of the presentations, please contact us at

    Please visit our Media Center for downloads of recent presentations or support materials.

    2014 SCHEDULE:

    2013 SCHEDULE:
    • AANE - Asperger's Association of New England : February
    • University of Minnesota : February
    • Montgomery College : March
    • CT Autism Spectrum Resource Center Conference : March
    • Penn Autism Conference : March
    • Canãda College in California - Training for the UCEDD : March
    • Conference at SUNY Orange County : April
    • Achilles Center Conference at Nassau Community College, Long Island : April
    • WAPED (Washington AHEAD regional conference) : April
    • ASPEN NJ Conference : April
    2012 SCHEDULE:
    • Union College, Schnectedy, NY : January
    • Autism Info Day, Plymouth MN : January
    • Boston College : January
    • University of Delaware : February
    • Webinar for Salome Heyward : February
    • Manchester Community College : February
    • Kutztown University : February
    • University of Connecticut School of Social Work : February
    • College Bound Conference, Fayetteville, Georgia : March
    • Montgomery Community College, Baltimore, MD : March
    • New Hampshire Autism Society : April
    • Nashville, Tennessee : April
    • Yale Conference : April
    • Mass Rehab : August
    • Viterbo University : August
    • Montgomery College : August
    • Daemen College : September
    • Mass Rehab : September
    • Mitchell College : October
    • Albright College : November
    • MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology : November
    2011 SCHEDULE:
    • UConn School of Social Work - "Working with Clients on the Spectrum" - West Hartford, CT : February
    • Siena College - Albany, NY : March
    • American College of Law, Law Students with Disabilities - Washington, D.C. : March
    • Asperger Academy for Professionals, Asperger Assoc. of New England - Lowell, MA : March
    • Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO : March
    • Center for Autism and Related Disabilities Conference - Rye, NY : April
    • Professional Training Institute, UConn - Portland, ME : June
    • AHEAD Conference - Seattle, WA : July
    • Roger Williams College Rhode Island Career Counselors : August
    • Gordon College : September
    • Boston University : October
    • George Washington University : November
    • Aspergers Association of New England : November
    • Asperger's Academy for Parents
    • Asperger's Academy for Professionals
    • Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Transition Conference, SUNY Albany
    • Framingham State College
    • Webinar for American College and University Housing Organization - "Residence Life Issues for Students on the Spectrum"
    • National Transition Conference, Mystic, CT
    • University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
    • New England Academy "Transition to College for Students on the Spectrum"
    • Health Counseling Services, Minneapolis, MN
    • Fragile X Conference, Detroit, MI
    • Association for Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD), Denver, CO
    • Autism Society of America (ASA), Dallas TX
    • Professional Training Institute, Syracuse, NY
    • Autism Summit, Minneapolis, MN
    • "College Students and Asperger's Syndrome: Clinical Insights and Interventions" and "College Students and Asperger's Syndrome: Legal Issues and Ethical Concerns", Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
    • Texas A & M, College Station, TX
    • Law School Admission Council
    • "Understanding Students with Asperger's and Guidelines for Supporting Success in College". American College Health Association, Philadelphia, PA
    • "Students on the Autism Spectrum: From Theory to Practice", New England Association for Higher Education and Disability, Boston, MA
    • "Asperger's Academy for Parents", Asperger's Association of New England, Boston, MA
    • University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA
    • Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ
    • Bowdoin College, New Brunswick, ME
    • Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA
    • "Asperger's Goes to College: How to Prepare for Success". Madison House Foundation Autism Training Seminar, Rockville, MD
    • Bradley Hospital, East Providence, RI
    • "An Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders". Veterans Administration Medical Center, Boston, MA
    • VAAHEAD Disability Services providers regional conference, Sweetbriar College, Stanton, VA
    • Parent Support Group, Providence, RI
    • "Asperger's Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders". Massachusetts Mental Health Center and Harvard Department of Psychiatry, Boston, MA
    • Center for Understanding, Nashvillle TN
    • Children's Resource Group Conference, Indianapolis, IN
    • "Asperger's Syndrome and Mental Health in College Students". University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
    • Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA), Chicago IL
    • "Asperger's Syndrome in Higher Education: Strategies to Promote Inclusion & Success", Salem State University, Salem, MA
    • University of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCED) National Consortium, Tarjan Center, University of California
    • Stearns-Benton, MN
    • NASPA Mental Health Conference, New Orleans, LA: January
    • "The Autism Spectrum: Issues for College Counselors", Five College Counseling Services, Amherst College, Amherst, MA.
    • "Higher Education and AS: Student Affairs Perspective". Smith College, Northampton, MA More Colleges Expanding Programs For Students On Autism Spectrum
    "More Colleges Expanding Programs For Students On Autism Spectrum" - Forbes

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