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  • Testimonials & Kudos : WHAT THEY'RE SAYING

    at a one day conference for the Asperger's Academy...

    From Robin Lurie-Meyerkopf MEd, Director of Training & Consultation AANE:

    • "Lorre Wolf and Jane Theirfeld Brown have done such an excellent job presenting at this conference we keep inviting them back for more. "
    From parents who attended:
    • "Great presenters! You should speak to others about all students with disabilities entering college."
    • "Very informative. Excellent presenters, they really know the topic."
    • " The no-holds barred, unvarnished truth about the realities of my AS student going to college- the challenges to expect and what has to be done to get him ready."
    From professionals who attended:
    • "Content of conference was excellent, presenters packaged the varied content in an approach that held my attention throughout the day. Useful and transferable to my work setting."
    • "Employment issues were very informative and interventions with college personnel and the role of disability services."
    • "Great discussion of accommodations available at the college level. Anecdotes that illustrated issues that students encounter. Provided info which will lead to changes in transition activities for our high school seniors."


    "The CAS staff is in a position to help families, individuals and colleges to ensure successful experiences for students with with Aspergers. I highly recommend them!"
    - Lydia S. Block, Ph.D., College Professional

    "I am hopeful for the first time in a long time, and grateful for people like yourself... That are making efforts to bring awareness and true assistance to families dealing with these issues."
    - Parent

    "The Parent's Guide To College For Students On The Autism Spectrum"

    "Parents need to teach their kids basic skills like shopping, ordering food in restaurants, doing laundry, being on time, personal hygiene, and waking themselves up. These skills should be taught long before the child goes to college. They are part of growing up and necessary for succeeding in college. Still, the biggest obstacle for most autistic students is learning to do well in social situations. For example, I had to learn that it was O.K. to cry if I was frustrated on the job rather than lashing out physically. A high-tech company will not fire you for crying, but they will if you throw things or hit others. The authors of this book present clear strategies for families and students with autism to use starting as early as in middle school and going up to college graduation and on to employment. Hard work, the ability to work with others, and clear expectations will get young people where they want to be."
    - Temple Grandin, PhD, author of Thinking in Pictures and The Way I See It

    "For parents whose adolescent with autism spectrum disorders is considering college, this practical book is an invaluable guide to evaluating college readiness, strengthening key skills, identifying the right match, ensuring the smoothest possible transition, and creating a safety net to maximize the chances of a successful college experience. The authors' sage advice and strategies come from years of personal and professional experience. This is THE book our staff recommend to families and educators!"
    - Dania Jekel, MSW, executive director, Asperger's Association of New England

    "This book is a true gift to the ASD community. The authors have combined their extensive knowledge and personal experiences to offer a road map to anyone supporting a college-bound student with ASD. The information is clear, ordered, and honest. Charts, tables, and scenarios illustrate possible challenges a student might encounter on campus and serve as checklists along the way. I recommend this book to parents, special education teachers, high school guidance counselors, psychologists, social workers, and the students themselves."
    - Kari Dunn Buron, MS, autism education specialist, educator and author of The Incredible 5-Point Scale (co-author), A 5 Is Against the Law, and Learners on the Autism Spectrum: Preparing Highly Qualified Educators (co-editor)

    "From explaining the practical matters of how the educational laws change between high school and college, how student services are structured in higher education, potential academic challenges and to what level they will be assisted, exploring social behavioral responses expected on campus to caring for one's mental health, this book has it all. The information is presented in a user-friendly format with many practical suggestions. It also helps families consider if college is the best place for the student to begin his or her experience living as an adult; as students biologically age into adulthood, not all of them are ready for the level of independence required to succeed as university students, even if they are considered 'bright.'"
    - Michelle Garcia Winner, founder of Social Thinking®, speech-language pathologist, and specialist for persons with social learning challenges

    "Perfectly targeted at the nexus of parents supporting individuals with autism heading towards higher education and professionals within the field, this state-of-the art resource is packed with easy-to-implement, practical solutions for promoting success for individuals with autism applying to, remaining in, and transitioning out of college. A resource that will be helpful in educating my students for supporting persons with autism through the college experience, this is a book I wish my parents had as they were guiding me through higher education."
    - Stephen M. Shore, EdD, assistant professor of special education, Adelphi University; internationally known author, consultant, and presenter on issues related to the autism spectrum. Individual on the autism spectrum

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