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  • Programs for Students with Asperger Syndrome

    Many post-secondary institutions around the country offer training and certification programs as well as individualized and group support services. If you would like to add your listing to this page, contact Jane Brown at . Please include the name of the school, program name, URL, brief description of services, contact information and costs as appropriate.


    Alabama University of Alabama Autism Spectrum Disorders College Transition and Support Program (UA-ACTS)
    Comprehensive academic and behavioral supports. $3000 per semester
    Arkansas University of Arkansas Autism Support Program
    Comprehensive services to our students in the areas of academics, social skills, and transitioning to independent adult roles. For more information, please contact Dr. Aleza Greene, 479-595-6071, $5000 per semester.
    California Transition to Independent Living Program at Taft College-California
    Post-secondary program focused on independent living skills
    Florida Nova Southeastern University
    Access Plus. a comprehensive program for services, academic, residential and vocational. $8,000 per semsester. Contact Susan Kabot, Ed.D., CCC-SLP, Executive Director of the Autism Institute, at 954-262-7129 or
    Florida University of West Florida
    The Autism Inclusion Program is offered by Inclusion Services and Programs in the Division of Student Affairs. The program provides academic, social, life skills, and career planning support to students with Autism (Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism) who attend the University of West Florida. Key areas include Academic Support, Social and Community Involvement, Transition and Life Skills, Career Preparation.For more information, contact Dr. Vannee Cao-Nguyen at 850.474.2387 or
    Illinois Students with Autism Transitional Education Program (STEP)
    Eastern Illinois University's Students with Autism Transitional Education Program focuses on providing enhanced support in three main skill set areas. A solid foundation of Academic, Social , and Daily-living (ASD) skill sets is crucial for the success of post-secondary students. Cost is $1000 a semester, and students can be in it as many semesters as they like from 1-graduation. For more information, contact
    Iowa Loras College
    Students enrolled in the program will meet weekly with their Lynch Learning Center coach and attend weekly study table sessions and bi-monthly mentoring meetings. In addition to skill building, students will receive specialized career prep including job shadowing, career fairs, internships and one-on-one résumé and cover letter counseling.
    Kentucky Western Kentucky University
    The Kelly Autism Program offers student support and mentoring. $3,000 per semester. Contact or 270-745-5264 for more information.
    Massachusetts Western New England University
    Mentoring program in conjunction with ABA doctoral program and the psychology department. Contact Bonnie Alpert through Disability Services at 413-782-1257.
    Michigan Eastern Michigan University
    Individualized support services. $4,400 - $8,500 per semester
    Minnesota University of Minnesota, Morris
    At the University of Minnesota Morris, the LINK program provides comprehensive, individualized peer mentoring to assist with organization, planning, social support, academic assistance, and career preparation. No charge for qualifying University of Minnesota Morris students. Contact Chris Dallager at or 320-589-6163.
    New Jersey Fairleigh Dickinson University: COMPASS Program
    College-based support for students with Aspergers; first two years of college. $3000 per semester
    New Jersey Rutgers University: College Support Program for Students on the Autism Spectrum
    The College Support Program (CSP), under the direction of Rutgers Health Services-Counseling, Alcohol & other Drug Assistance Program, and Psychiatric Services (CAPS), supports students who are first accepted to the University and then to the CSP as they begin, continue and prepare to graduate from the University. The CSP is a comprehensive program that assists students through provision of direct service and collaboration with University services that address executive functioning, social competence, academic skills, self-care, self-advocacy and career preparation. Applications, documentation and in-person interviews required. Fee: $3500/semester (minimum of two consecutive semesters recommended). For more information, call 848-932-7884.
    New York Daemen College
    Provides individualized transition support and life skills mentoring to students on the spectrum. Contact Jennifer Runco at for more information.
    New York Bridges to Adelphi Program (Adelphi University)
    Comprehensive academic, social, and vocational support services to students with A.S., or other non-verbal learning disorders. $2750 per semester above other tuition, fees and charges. Contact for more information.
    New York Rochester Institute of Technology
    Provides individualized support to students on the Spectrum
    Ohio Defiance College
    ASD Affinity Program - Comprehensive academic, social and residential support services that assist students with ASD in reaching their personal and professional goals, $10,230 per semester, financial aid available. Contact Brad Harsha at 419-783-2365 or
    Ohio Wright State University - Office of Disability Services
    RASE Program - Raiders on the Autism Spectrum Excelling
    Comprehensive, individualized academic and social support services
    Cost: No charge for qualifying Wright State students. For more information, please contact Heather Rando at
    Pennsylvania Eastern University - The College Success Program for Students Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    The CSP is a comprehensive program providing academic, social, life skills, and cultural supports to undergraduate students living with ASD. $6500 per semester. Contact Douglas Cornman at 484-654-2378 or
    Pennsylvania Mercyhurst University
    The AIM Program at Mercyhurst University supports students in all areas of the college experience, including campus life as well as class work. Students are evaluated in key domains that are essential to higher education and vocational success. These A.I.S.E domains explore functioning in Academic, Independent, Social and Emotional areas. Students enrolling in AIM pay an annual fee that covers services and resources provided throughout the academic year. Contact Brad McGarry at (814) 824-2451 or for more information.
    Pennsylvania St. Joseph's University
    Located in the office of student. Success and retention Program costs $3,000 per year for students. Meet with advisor bi-weekly Has social worker and psychologist on staff.
    Tennessee Austin Peay State University
    A pilot program providing peer mentors , life coaches and additional supports. Contact Dr. Gina Grogan at 931.221.7546 or
    Tennessee University of Tennessee Chattanooga
    Mosaic is a multifaceted and comprehensive program developed to support the holistic needs of UTC students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Contact Michelle Rigler at 423-425-4008 or
    Texas Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research
    Mission is to increase the quality of life for individuals with autism and their families by providing services, preparing educators, and conducting research. Contact DeAnn Lechtenberger, Ph.D. at 806-834-7804 or
    Virginia George Mason University
    Comprehensive, individualized services to support Mason students who are registered with the Office of Disability Services in the areas of academics, social skills, communication, and transition into university life. $3200 per semester. Contact Amy Duffey at 703-993-2474 or for further information.
    Virginia Virginia Tech - STEPS Program
    The STEPS (Stepped Transition for Students with ASD) Program at Virginia Tech provides services to promote transition to college for local high school students and success for current college students. This program is funded by a federal grant (NIMH; PI White). There is no cost for participation to families, but families must be local (in southwestern Virginia - no residential). Contact for more information.
    Washington Mainstay/SAILS Program
    The SAILS (Supported Academics and Independent Life Skills) program begins with a summer class called, College 101 that helps get students prepared for the following academic quarter and then we provide ongoing support tailored to the student's needs while they attend their classes at Seattle Central College. We provide support to students by facilitating communication with instructors, hosting monthly cohort meetings with peer groups, employment/vocational readiness, and assistance with time management and goal building. For more information contact Weston Brewer at
    Washington Bellevue College - Autism Spectrum Navigators program (Washington State)
    Access services for autistic students, including individualized peer mentoring, and facilitated communication with instructors. No charge for program services, other than tuition for 2-credit course taken with cohort students each quarter. Quarterly parent meetings with student permission.
    West Virginia College Program for Students with Asperger's Syndrome at Marshall University- West VA Autism Training Center
    Positive behavior and academic support. $3200 per semester.


    University of St. Thomas and Minnesota Life College
    Scholarships are being provided by Autism Speaks to attend "Prepare for Any College Pre-Orientation Program" (POP) for students who have ASD or learning differences. This program is offered in a partnership between University of St. Thomas and Minnesota Life College. Participants will include upcoming college freshmen, transfer students, and high school juniors or seniors with plans to attend a traditional college or university. The dates are July 11-16, 2015. POP will give students an opportunity to prepare to fully participate in college orientation programs, having had the opportunity to become familiar with the type of information given at their college of choice. This is an overnight experience and students will be in the dorms on the University of St. Thomas St. Paul campus. You do not have to be attending a college in Minnesota to take advantage of this experience. Contact Karen Kirchner at (612- 876-9429) or email to learn more.
    Autism Spectrum Post-Secondary Interest Experience (ASPIE)
    The ASPIE program is for high school students in grades 9-11 with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and their parents, to obtain valuable information pertaining to post-secondary education and career exploration. The ASPIE program will run for two consecutive days on June 18-19, 2015. It will give participants the opportunity to experience living on campus by staying overnight in the housing complex. More Colleges Expanding Programs For Students On Autism Spectrum
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